We’re Ready for Shimmer… Are You?

3 min readJun 15, 2022


Like an Olympic runner, the Unchained Tech team continues to sprint for the GOLD! With the latest release coming to the Soonaverse after the $SOON Token Sale finalizes. The main focus over the past several weeks has been Shimmer integration. It’s important to remind everyone that the Soonaverse will be supporting Shimmer native NFTs and tokens on DAY ONE:

The easiest way to create a token on Shimmer will be through the Soonaverse. Once a token is created it can use the launchpad or exchange to increase its utility, with the fees generated going to Soonaverse Vault. The vault will then, on a regular basis, use those fees to buy $SOON tokens off the open market and distribute them back to $SOON token stakers. This is an amazing concept for all $SOON token holders!

This constant $SOON token buy pressure based on the activity of Shimmer is the cornerstone of our tokenomics. All the value accrued by the network is passed on to $SOON token holders. If you’re bullish on Shimmer, you’re bullish on $SOON!

A lot of work is being done in the background and we’re incredibly excited. The main specification has been completed and we’ve nailed most of the UX/UI for the Shimmer integration.

On top of all the Shimmer enhancements, there’s also been a ton of work completed on the current system. Here’s a breakdown of all the improvements and features that will be released after the $SOON token sale:

  • Refactor payment processing to support multiple networks
  • Added concept of networks across the protocol
  • Enter XP for award by XP per badge instead of total XP for award
  • NFT History includes amount and space name
  • Mobile trading UI improvements
  • Revamped soonaverse-lib to fully support all protocol’s functions
  • Fix visualization issues on reputation chart axis within the member profile
  • Enable proposal donut chart on proposal lists
  • Missing transactions in my profile. It now shows transactions for sold NFTs/Tokens
  • Fixed CSV transaction export. It didn’t work in some scenarios
  • Minor enhancement into the launchpad functionality
  • Fix cooldown end check
  • Ask order requires minimum amount of 1Mi
  • Token trading, improved contrast in dark mode
  • Various fixes into airdrop functionality
  • Fixed distribution Export CSV that cased multiple downloads in some browser
  • Fixed amount decimals visualization on token bids/asks
  • Added Cancel sale option on token launchpad
  • Added new Sale setup options (no cooldown, ability to end at 100%)
  • Improve re-try wallet transactions to avoid conflicts on Tangle
  • New translations updates

We could go through each item and describe it in detail, but it’s probably best to stick to the big ones: Refactoring the payment processing and introducing the concept of networks.

We’ve done extensive refactoring on the protocol side to improve our test coverage and to set all the right elements to integrate with Shimmer. We’ve enabled support for multiple networks within Soonaverse.

This allows us to easily add new networks and build a system and payment mechanism that’s network agnostic. We’ll soon be enabling ATOI / RMS networks in the wen.soonaverse.com environment. We have finalized specifications for Shimmer integration and our UX/UI is nearly finished. We’re now working on protocol changes that we want to deliver in July for public testing. Get ready to mint NFT/tokens or trade them on Shimmer from DAY ONE!

All of our resources are focused on Shimmer to provide a seamless NFT + Token experience for everyone to enjoy. We want to show the world the POWER of SHIMMER!

It’s going to open up a new realm of possibilities and completely change how users interact with NFTs and tokens on the platform. We look forward to continuing our work and establishing the Soonaverse as a main piece of infrastructure on top of the next big crypto protocol.




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