Leaving the BUILD.5 Association

2 min readApr 8, 2024


Effective immediately, we and Spyce5 have agreed to separate from our roles with BUILD.5. We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Spyce5 team for the collaboration over the last year. As part of our agreement with the association, Buildcore will retain ownership of the current BUILD.5 platform code base, enterprise agreements, and thought leadership developed by the Buildcore team members.

The primary reason for us was to streamline operations, increase our own operational efficiencies and to expand our reach into larger open source organizations, per recommendations from our enterprise partners. We will provide more information on these developments at a later date.

The Trust Era Platform

The enterprise platform will be rebranded as the Trust Era. We have been making progress in developing use cases with specifications from our partners. This includes our current direction of building unique use cases using the IOTA L1, as well our expansion into the Cardano, Demia, Hedera, and Base ecosystems. Our focus on trust based technologies and acting as a back bone for trusted AI and other products has positioned the platform for greater reach and impact in the coming months.

The $SOON token and the Soonaverse

The Soonaverse will continue operations and through the collaboration of the SOON COMMITTEE and the Soonaverse Community Task Force. As new features deploy on the Trust Era platform, they will be integrated into the Soonaverse through our new community devs.


We will be joining a new Farcaster community called /JustBuild and changing social media profiles to reflect that change in direction. Please reference further information about our membership and contribution to the /JustBuild community, which will be expressed in a separate article.

Thank you for your support!