Soonaverse brings NFTs to Cardano

2 min readJan 17, 2024


Community TaskForce partners with $NMKR to bridge $SOON ecosystem to Cardano

Today is a historic occasion for the Soonaverse. Not only are we celebrating one of the very first of many initiatives successfully spearheaded by the Soonaverse TaskForce, we are also marking the beginning of our expansion into the Cardano NFT universe, thanks to our newest partner NMKR.

NMKR is the premier NFT platform in the Cardano ecosystem providing tools and applications for artists, brands, and developers. Through our partnership, we will be leveraging their APIs alongside our own BUILD.5 APIs to allow Soonaverse users to mint and eventually trade Cardano NFTs through our marketplace and modules.

This partnership opens the door to bridging both of our extensive and growing ecosystems and creating deeper bonds between $SOON, $BUILD, $NMKR, $ADA, and $IOTA.

Where this is going:

Interoperability: Our collaboration aims to explore interoperability between Cardano blockchain and the Soonaverse platform’s L1s, Shimmer and IOTA. Our long term goal is to enable cross-platform NFT transactions, enabling users to effortlessly engage with NFTs in both ecosystems.

NFT Standards: As innovative leaders in new NFT based technologies in Cardano and IOTA, NMKR and the Soonaverse are developing retail and enterprise use cases to drive adoption. Through open collaboration the two organizations can standardize NFTs that will seamlessly traverse both ecosystems and have an undeniable impact on defining industry and the new web.

Bridging Ecosystems: One of the greatest challenges of any ecosystem is sustainable growth and expansion. This collaboration opens the door to enabling the best and brightest from each ecosystem to cross pollinate and blend attributes and innovations in Cardano, Shimmer and IOTA.

A Community TaskForce Led Initiative

6 months ago we open sourced the Soonaverse and formed the Community TaskForce. In that time the TaskForce has taken on major challenges such as UI improvements, developer, CEX, and Market Maker recruitment, and of course ecosystem expansion. This is the first of many showcases of how much progress has been made in that time quietly behind the scenes. The community is alive and well, driving us into our next phase of progress and adoption.


As the NMKR NFT Marketplace and Soonaverse embark on this journey together, this partnership will redefine the landscape of digital collectibles, utility NFTs, and tokenization. Stay tuned for further updates as we redefine the boundaries of digital creativity and the application of this ground breaking technology. The future of NFTs has just become more interconnected than ever before Thanks to NMKR and the Soonaverse. Now, Let’s GO!