Our First DEV UPDATE of 2023!

7 min readJan 21


If you know the Soonaverse, then you know that our approach to development, is success and learning through non-stop improvements to our platform. Its what we’ve always done and what will always try to do, to realize the potential of the technology and ecosystem we represent. That’s why we’re happy to tell you a little bit about our newest release and some of the powerful new features that have been enabled.

On Tangle Requests (OTRs)

The Soonaverse now supports a brand new, fully original, and powerful feature that opens up a whole new world of use cases and sets the stage for this platform to become the decentralized backbone of the IOTA economy once smart contracts that can be executed directly on the Tangle are enabled. We call this new feature an On Tangle Request (OTR). As the system evolves you’ll start hearing this term more and more often.

An OTR, put simply, is an action that can be requested directly through the Tangle that will trigger the Soonaverse to execute a function. This means that someone who doesn’t have a MetaMask account and only has access to their Firefly or TanglePay wallet can still use the Soonaverse! The three types of requests that are initially available include:

  1. Buying and selling native tokens
  2. Buying an NFT
  3. Staking tokens

Users can now interact with the platform without ever going through the UI. This is excellent not only because anybody can easily integrate the Soonaverse on the back end, but because it’s the base functionality that will be used for L1 and L2 smart contracts on IOTA and Shimmer. Gone will be the days of needing to contact the API or UI. Smart contracts are coming and we’re already here beginning to pave the way for the IOTA revolution.

In the coming weeks we’ll release some helpful documentation on how to construct these OTRs. For now, you can ask questions in #dev channel on our Discord.

If you’re interested in seeing more, here’s an OTR in action: https://twitter.com/adam_unchained/status/1615808593571483648?s=20&t=Wj1gpEtB2lzQNU7IDQIxVw

Token Based Voting

Prior to this, there were only a few ways to vote on proposals and none of them had to do with utilizing native tokens. That won’t be the case after the new feature is released in roughly 2–3 weeks. After that quick release, users will be able to create proposals where the community token holders will have a weighted say in the direction of the project.

This token based voting system isn’t a simple 1:1 token to vote model. It takes duration into consideration, so a malicious actor can’t quickly acquire a bunch of tokens, vote, and then sell them 5 minutes later after their vote is finalized. Instead, users apply their tokens to the proposal option they wish to support and over time their vote becomes more heavily weighted. If they apply their tokens for the entire entire voting duration, then their vote will be maximally applied.

The best part is that the tokens aren’t locked during this voting period. Users can spend their funds at any time during, but the vote will cease to accrue more weight. After the spend happens, if the user still has tokens left over, then they can just re-apply their remaining tokens to that vote. Another cool benefit of this token based voting system is that tokens that are staked and locked in a wallet can still be used for voting!

Honorable Mention: Search Functionality

We keep fixing issues that pertain to the search functionality. At this point in time we have fixed all outstanding Github issues that were submitted by the community. We know that people still find difficulty in it, so it’s really important that they submit Github issues so our team has an official log of what needs to be addressed.

If you see an issue with the search functionality then please submit a form issue in our Github by following this link: https://github.com/soonaverse/soonaverse-dao/issues and clicking the “New Issue” button.

We really appreciate how many people reach out via Twitter and Discord with their suggestions, but please understand that it’s nearly impossible to follow that flow of information. Sometimes our lead developer will skim through social media and manually add issues, but he can’t catch them all. Entering issues into Github is the only foolproof way of ensuring an issue is formally addressed.

With that being said, a lot of people have requested very specific NFT filtering for their collections. We’d like to point out that these types of custom search criteria are usually specific to their individual communities. The Soonaverse has APIs in place to support these projects to build their own tailored solutions. Labralords is an a great showcase of what’s possible: https://labralords.com/collections

Misc. Platform Improvements

A big part of these development updates isn’t just to show you what’s new and exciting, but also all the little things that make up our releases. It’s a time for us to shine a light on all the work that goes unseen, but still gets completed time and time again. Its this dedication to continuous improvement that sets us apart and positions us for future success.

Fun fact: All changes that are part of the “soonaverse-dao” repo are community raised ones. The platform is being tailored to the user’s preferred experience and not just what some developers THINK is the ideal solution. If you want to learn more about anything mentioned above feel free to reach out in our Discord!

Repository “soonaverse/soonaverse-dao”:

  • #881 — Routing error of back button of member page in some cases.
  • #898 — migrating a collection to shimmer loses the ability to modify it
  • #901 — window change from one size to another depending on time
  • #910 — Limit order not settable
  • #912 — Proposals don’t show results correctly.
  • #919 — Animated homepage not rendering properly in Safari
  • #925 — Sort by price’ does not work as expected
  • #932 — UI overlapping on the left menu bar
  • #944 — I cannot change the limit price(buy/sell) of tokens if the width of a browser is narrow
  • #953 — NFT user reservation symbol missing
  • #955 — Staking screen display container background not scaling to the info.
  • #960 — Back button can go to error page
  • #970 — Infinite scroll does not work on Collection page
  • #972 — Language mixing on the site
  • #982 — NFT systeminfo not available (IPFS links)
  • #985 — NFTs not appearing in multiple locations
  • #986 — [Soonaverse-lib] integer fieldValues not working
  • #991 — Text is not readable in DARK MODE Staking_Table””
  • #996 — NFT Collections” overview does not appear sorted by “community vote””
  • #997 — Image of NFT not displaying properly
  • #1000 — Turn a Collection from Guardian to Open at anytime after the collection is live.
  • #1010 — Payments stuck in ‘Processing’
  • #1012 — Multiple public sales before tradable on open market

Repository “soonaverse/soonaverse”:

  • #1327 — Wen Testing — Airdrop upload number of pages incorrect
  • #1775 — Fixed selected network styling
  • #1780 — On Tangle Requests
  • #1800 — Optimised display of badge requirements for collection pages
  • #1826 — Enable token based voting on proposals
  • #1844 — Automate DB upgrades
  • #1852 — Token airdrop improvements
  • #1886 — Inputs according figma (placeholders, etc.)
  • #1902 — New Crowdin updates
  • #1923 — Clean-up UI for rewards schedule upload
  • #1926 — Stake reward uses stake amount instead of value
  • #1932 — Discover search missing results
  • #1948 — Add users current fee and current level on TokenPurchase
  • #1949 — Validation of symbol uniqueness should ignore rejected tokens
  • #1950 — Add ability to remove reward schedule
  • #1956 — VIP Level Estimate is wrongly presented
  • #1960 — Show expired stakes in the list
  • #1961 — Add USD price to Price API
  • #1962 — Add ranking average on collection/token
  • #1963 — User, Space Options functionality
  • #1965 — On Tangle NFT purchasing
  • #2000 — Coming soon” outside of row”
  • #2001 — Add total airdrops on distribution record
  • #2008 — Timestamp should be saved as unix timestamp with microseconds
  • #2009 — Ability to vote with locked tokens
  • #2014 — Create onTangle order as of the db roll script
  • #2015 — Weight always 0 for native token voting
  • #2018 — Provide detailed error for failed OnTangle request
  • #2019 — On Tangle Request: SELL Order auto expired after 5 minutes
  • #2020 — On Tangle Request: Unable to buy token even though sell order exists
  • #2021 — Check when in joi schemas
  • #2026 — NFT collection detail — sorting based on price not working
  • #2027 — NFT collection — filtering based on price ignores decimals
  • #2028 — price starts shows incorrect amount on nft collection
  • #2029 — Unable to update minted collection — INTERNAL ERROR
  • #2035 — Credit to include payload.invalidPayment flag in block’s metadata
  • #2040 — remove reward schedule
  • #2041 — Stake Reward pop-up broken styling
  • #1867 — update profile staking with new values and options
  • #1827 — Migrate awards to be Shimmer native
  • #1853 — Bill and credit payment reasons
  • #1778 — Open an ability to upload NFT that were not created on Soonaverse

Our evolutionary journey of consistent improvement is never ending and the innovations that come out of each iteration will help bring rise to the IOTA and Shimmer revolutions. We’re happy to be on this journey with you and look forward to sharing even more behind the scenes progress over the next few weeks / months. We never stop building our technology AND our partnerships and business development efforts. The next series of reveals are going to be truly breathtaking. Now, LET’S GOOOOOO!





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