NFTs, NF3s, and going ULTRA

4 min readFeb 15, 2022

The First Soonaverse NFT Sales Event

Welcome to the start of our NFT Sales Event! We know we’ve caused quite a stir by creating the most “creator-friendly” marketplace in crypto today, a feeless testament to the FULL potential of the IOTA network. To continue our constant pursuit of innovation, creativity, and challenging the status quo, we present to you, the IOTA community, our Soonaverse OG NFT sales event.

We’ve built a package so immense, so interesting, that we believe it’s worthy of carrying the title of OG NFT. We wanted every hodler to know that this NFT means more than the price of it on the market, owning one gives you a part of our collective history, our hard work, and our patience as a community.

Here are the basic details of what we are offering in our March 1st NFT Sale:

  • There are 3 types of NFT designs (Soonanaut, Artifact, Alien)
  • Each type has 5000 unique NFTs in the category (15,000 total in the entire collection)
  • 200 Mi for 1 NFT.
  • All NFTs will be tradeable in the March update of the MarketPlace.
  • Every NFT is unique and rare.

By being right here, right now, you have the opportunity to gain access to the HUB, our Soonaverse NFT Owners Club. By owning just one NFT you gain special access, value, and rewards in the Soonaverse.

NFT Owner’s Benefits Include:

  • Membership to the Soonaverse Hub, the Soonaverse NFT Owners Club.
  • Airdrops to all NFT owners.
  • Category-specific (Soonanauts, Artifacts, and Aliens) airdrops.
  • Future editing features for owned Spaces on the Soonaverse.
  • Future editing features for Avatars.
  • Discounts on HUB “members only” offers.
  • Each NFT is enshrined with metadata to enable future Soonaverse platform capabilities such as digital twins, sets, builders, and staking.
  • All NFTs are Gaming and P2E compatible to take advantage of advanced features in future releases.
  • All of these incredible membership rights and features transfer with the sale/ownership of the NFT.
  • …AND, if you purchase 1 NFT from each category the designs “interlock” into a unique image. We call it the NF3.

Let’s talk about NF3s

Our NFTs start life as a single NF3 that is spliced into its individual parts of Soonanaut, Artifact, Alien (we promise it doesn’t hurt). If you, the collector, can bring these images back together in any form they become an NF3. But, like any worthwhile connection, how you bring them together matters!

If you combine any random mix of Soonanaut, Artifact, Alien, congratulations! You have created an NF3 and will unlock additional benefits ON TOP of the NFT benefits you already possess.

NF3 Owner Benefits:

  • Super combo 2x bonuses on ALL airdrops.
  • VIP Access to special edition NF3 only sales events.
  • Free access to Soonaverse Services Team (more information incoming).
  • …AND honestly, they look super cool.

So, is that it? NO! Because if you happen to collect 3 NFTs that have the same category attributes of Fauna, Water, Planets, and Backgrounds your NF3 goes ULTRA.

ULTRA NF3 Owner Benefits:

  • Ultra NF3s receive a 5x bonus on all airdrops.
  • …AND they look even cooler if you can imagine that. Well, you can’t because you don’t know what they look like yet, but TRUST US, it’s crazy cool.

We made it so almost all NF3s can reach ULTRA status. 4990 ULTRA NF3s can be formed at any time, so it just takes a little bit of patience and strategy to put one together.

Did I just say “almost”? Why not all? Well, that’s because 10 NF3s have something special about them. All of their attributes are the same color.

“So, 10 NF3s are just a solid, colored rectangle?”

What?!?! NO! It means these NF3s have a distinct monochromatic palette that makes their design completely unique from all of the other NFTs in the collection. You will know what we are talking about when you see one. We can’t wait to show you!

So, if you can somehow bring 3 of the special NFTs together to form a monochromatic NF3, you will have formed the most powerful NF3 in existence today. The MEGA ULTRA NF3.

Now, if finding 3 matching monochromatic NFTs out of 15,000 sounds hard, you’re right! But there’s a reason for that.

MEGA ULTRA NF3 Owners Benefits:

  • Mega Ultra NF3’s receive 50x airdrops…you heard me, 50x.

You’ll need patience and a lot of luck to create one, so happy hunting!

On a final note, we would like to say that the recent release of our 2022 roadmap is our clearest example of what we are trying to fund through this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for IOTA community members. SoonLabs has shown you the path with our 2022 roadmap and we hope you will join us on this journey and all of the other adventures it will unlock for us this year and beyond. Just know that if you choose to be a part of it, you’ll need to strap yourself in, because when we say SOON we damn well mean it and we’re not stopping or slowing down for anything.

Let’s. Go.