NFTs, NF3s, and going ULTRA

  • There are 3 types of NFT designs (Soonanaut, Artifact, Alien)
  • Each type has 5000 unique NFTs in the category (15,000 total in the entire collection)
  • 200 Mi for 1 NFT.
  • All NFTs will be tradeable in the March update of the MarketPlace.
  • Every NFT is unique and rare.
  • Membership to the Soonaverse Hub, the Soonaverse NFT Owners Club.
  • Airdrops to all NFT owners.
  • Category-specific (Soonanauts, Artifacts, and Aliens) airdrops.
  • Future editing features for owned Spaces on the Soonaverse.
  • Future editing features for Avatars.
  • Discounts on HUB “members only” offers.
  • Each NFT is enshrined with metadata to enable future Soonaverse platform capabilities such as digital twins, sets, builders, and staking.
  • All NFTs are Gaming and P2E compatible to take advantage of advanced features in future releases.
  • All of these incredible membership rights and features transfer with the sale/ownership of the NFT.
  • …AND, if you purchase 1 NFT from each category the designs “interlock” into a unique image. We call it the NF3.
  • Super combo 2x bonuses on ALL airdrops.
  • VIP Access to special edition NF3 only sales events.
  • Free access to Soonaverse Services Team (more information incoming).
  • …AND honestly, they look super cool.
  • Ultra NF3s receive a 5x bonus on all airdrops.
  • …AND they look even cooler if you can imagine that. Well, you can’t because you don’t know what they look like yet, but TRUST US, it’s crazy cool.
  • Mega Ultra NF3’s receive 50x airdrops…you heard me, 50x.



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